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Illustration No. 1

Hey ! We are here every night ; )

  • 系列.Series:

    桌子上的事情。The world on the table.


嘿!夜晚來臨後,我們都在呢 ; )

Hey ! We are here every night ; )

蔤山隨筆.The note

In this world I live, there has always lots of things that I feel it but can't see by eyes. You can say it's a some kind of energe or a being, that's all make sance to me. It is comfortable to free my emotion by paint out loud : )

Hey! We are here every night.嘿 ! 夜晚來臨後,我們都在呢_黃糸山.Mi San Huang
mi san huang_world on table_01-1


桌子上的事情 ⟫ 是蔤山的系列插畫,由於糸山常常誤入桌子上的小宇宙,於是打算當成遊記記錄下來...

The world on the table. is a serial illustrion created by Mishan Huang, who descover and record stories that happens in the table world. The project is still going on...

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